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Declaration of the 87th Congress of the World Anational Association – 2014

The 87th Congress of the World Anational Association (SAT), meeting in Dinan (France) from August 9-16:

- notes that a century after the First World War the factors that led to the foundation of SAT still exist, that nationalism continues to plague the Middle East and the Ukraine, among others, and places the columns of Sennaciulo at the disposal of workers from all countries in order to help them to unite beyond national barriers;

- calls for a peaceful solution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, denounces the ongoing colonization of the Palestinian territories and supports requests that the most recent war crimes be prosecuted before the International Court of Justice;

- calls upon the parties involved in the continuous conflicts in the Middle East and the Ukraine to arrive at a peaceful settlement as quickly as possible by means of talks and with the aid of a mediator, if necessary;

- notes with regret that throughout the world there is obvious interaction between religion, economic forces and politics in the form of machinations to restrict freedom of expression and also freedom of thought;

- encourages promotion of such local activity as is conducive to fairer behavior.



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