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Who are we?

Kiuj ni estas? / Qui sommes-nous? / Was sind wir?

The Cooperative Publishing Section was established at the beginning of 2007 after a referendum had been held to decide on a proposal made at the SAT congress of 2006 in Belgrade. Its purpose is to help to perform one of the tasks enumerated in SAT’s statute by publishing educational material that is prepared through collective effort within the framework of a consistent policy on publications, which is also collectively determined.

The publishing section operates cooperatively. That means that it finances its publications out of profit derived from sales of previous publications. This system also enables it to publish valuable books with a limited sales potential.

Although the prices of the Cooperative’s printed publications are kept as reasonable as possible, they are bound to be beyond the means of some comrades. It has therefore been stipulated that 10% of all book production be distributed free of charge to comrades with low incomes. The publishing section also intends to produce electronic editions in order to make documents readily available that are not suited for publication in printed form, and in order to continuously enhance SAT’s cultural website.


Eldona Fako Kooperativa de SAT /// 67 av. Gambetta /// 75020 PARIS

En Francio : Poŝtkonto : Eldona Fako Kooperativa de SAT n°PA 57 612 61W

El eksterlando : Sama konto : IBAN : FR79 2004 1000 0157 6126 1W02 054 BIC : PSSTFRPPPAR aŭ al la kooperativa konto ĉe UEA : efak-q

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