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Declaration of the 2010 SAT Congress


The 83rd SAT Congress, meeting in Brasov from the 1st to the 6th August 2010, emphasises that its statute encourages SAT members to be active in various areas. This year the congress theme was “The Ecomomic Crisis and its many sided effects”. The SAT congress participants, hosted by the fraternal local association “Friendliness Brazov” debated, amoungst other things, trade unions in Romania, direct action in Korea, Romanian culture, racism, the labour movement in the 20th century, Esperantism, the economic crisis.

The Congress:
 is pleased that the Oslo Convention applies from the 1st August 2010 to all the states that ratified it. Unfortunately 70 states have signed but not ratified it,
 wrote to the Rumanian ambassadors of China, Finnland, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia and the USA to ask those countries to sign and ratify the Ottawa Convention, that prohibits all antipersonnel mines. For the last five years, each year SAT has taken the same action, with the ambassadors of the countries concerned, in the country where the congress was held. Also this year, SAT asked, in a letter, that those countries sign and ratify the Oslo Convention, that prohibits any cluster munitions,
 is pleased that Romania has signed and ratified the Ottawa Convention. However, the Congress wrote to the Romanian prime minister to ask Romania to sign and ratify the Oslo Convention. The letter reminds the prime minister that bomblets ejected from bombs or shells that don’t explode on impact, effectively become antipersonnel mines,
 denounces the financial institutions situated in the countries that have ratified the Convention of Oslo, that invest abroad in cluster munition factories. It asks, in countries that have ratified the Convention of Oslo, governement checks on financial institutions to insist on their stopping activities prohibited under international law, and supports the efforts of members of our association in their battle to have a world without armaments,
 reminds about the rights of all people to live and stay independently and freely in the most suitable place for them, and specifically has solidarity with those expelled for political-economic reasons,
 notes that the 25% salary reduction just imposed on Romania comes from the insistence of creditors of countries acting under the IMF, such that it sends especially fraternal greetings to activists demonstrating against the forthcoming meeting of G20 in Seoul in November 2010,
 notes that the crisis no longer allows the waged and the capitalists to live together,
 is interested in the setting-up this year of the European Ethical bank (BEE) out of three existing ethical banks (Banca Popolare Etica in Italy, NEF in France and FIARE in Spain), supposing that this bank probably uses more ethical resources than other banks, and approves the proposal that SAT deposits some of its maney there,
 supports collaboration between SAT and other sister Esperanto associations such as MAS (World Social Assembly) and IFEF (International Railwaymen’s Esperanto Federation) in projects for which several associations have an interest in communal activity,
 emphasises the importance of the difficulties caused, among other things, by nationalism and capitalism, regularly faced by people, and has aims of cultural/educational exchanges between everyone to advance our communal emancipation.


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