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Saint-Imier 2012


In the name of SAT Libertarian Fraction, we are pleased to give our fraternal greetings in solidarity with all participants, groups and organisations here in Saint Imier at this historic occasion.

As members of the Libertarian Fraction, we use the international language, Esperanto, to unite and collaborate with anarchists from a number of countries. We follow in the steps of predecessors such as the early 20th century Japanese and Chinese anarchists and those, who in Amsterdam proposed the usefulness of Esperanto at the 1907 international anarchist congress. We also look to various comrades from Europe and other continents, who founded the Worldwide League of Anti-statist Esperantists in the 1920s (TLES), and the class conscious esperantists who in 1921 founded the non-national workers’ organisation, the World Anational Association (SAT), which includes the Libertarian Fraction itself.

However, let’s talk no more about the past but about the present and the future. As capitalism rules and has its global crises, we also know that it is necessary to organise globally. We also know well enough that certain languages, for example English, have so far succeeded as an international or even a colonial language of commerce and capital. But today, we are obviously communicating by means of translators or, less formally, with our fumbling attempts at basic communication with gestures, etc., and this can be a complex and mind-boggling process. Furthermore, to learn another national language to a sufficient level for communication can indeed be a difficult and arduous task, which needs time, patience, regular study and, more often than not, money and a degree of education. Conversely, to learn Esperanto, a potential language for internationally-minded, rebellious and anarchistic workers, requires only a fraction of such labour.

So, Esperanto continues to live within the modern workers’ and anarchist movement. All participants here are invited to come and talk to any Libertarian Fraction members during the coming days. And if you want to find out more information about the Libertarian Fraction, SAT and the workers’ Esperanto movement, you will be most welcome.

Long live anarchy!

SAT-Liberecana Frakcio


Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda (SAT)

67 av. Gambetta
FR - 75020 Paris

Retadreso : kontakto_ĉe_satesperanto.org
Pri financaĵoj : financoj_ĉe_satesperanto.org
Retejo : http://satesperanto.org/
Tel : (+33) 09 53 50 99 58

Poŝtkonto n-ro 1234-22 K, La Banque Postale, Paris
IBAN : FR41 2004 1000 0101 2342 2K02 064
Konto de SAT ĉe UEA : satx-s
Konto de SAT ĉe PayPal : financoj_ĉe_satesperanto.org

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