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Declaration of the 84th SAT Congress – 2011

The 84th Congress of Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda (SAT), gathering in Sarajevo from the 30th July to the 6th of August 2011, emphasises that its statute encourages members to be active in various fields. This year the theme of the congress was "Globalism and national phenomena".

The Congress,
 supports, in accordance with the work of the Sarajevo Esperantists, the proposal, that the Council of Europe declare Sarajevo, severely attacked during the Bosnian War but which nonetheless continues to be successfully multicultural, to be a European Metropolis of Culture at some time in a future,
 sends its condolences over the heartrending events of Oslo, Norway, and draws attention to the terrible consequences of all forms of terrorism, has written to the ambassadors of China, Pakistan, Russia, and the USA in Bosnia-Herzegovina to demand that the governments of those countries sign and ratify the Ottawa Convention, which bans all anti-personnel mines, and the Oslo Convention which bans any cluster munitions,
 has written to the president of the European Commission to request him to get hisstaff to look into the possibility of increasing the financial support to Bosnia-and-Herzegovina so that it can achieve the complete clearance of mines from its territory in 2019,
 notes that the difficulties regularly faced by people, caused by nationalism and capitalism, including ecological, domestic and economic conditions, are getting worse,
 notes that the people who for these reasons have to suffer the consequences of the theft of their land or of war nowhere become acceptable immigrants,
 notes the danger of the increase in gases that help global warming,
 notes that the political and financial powers do not sufficiently consider the adverse effects of ecological damage,
 warns of the dangers relating to dealing with nuclear energy, which cause catastrophes which affect the whole world such as in Chernobyl 25 years ago, and in Fukushima this year,
 opposes the initiatives by some governments to block public campaigning by suppressing activists, such as the Serbian government, that has restarted its unfounded prosecution of anarchists in Belgrade with the aim of separating them from the working class.



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