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Declaration of the 93rd Congress of the World Anational Association (SAT) – 2020

The 93nd Congress of the World Anational Association (SAT) held via internet from July 26-31, 2020:

 calls upon members of SAT and progressive forces to begin the search for consequences to be drawn from the coronavirus crisis, in order to combat present health threats and menaces to civil and workers’ rights, the right to information etc.;

 expresses solidarity with people throughout the world who are affected by the pandemic, commends and thanks health workers and all who have made it possible for the everyday life of society to go on, for their indispensible and untiring work, and extends condolences to families that have lost members to the pandemic;

 hopes, in light of the increased frequency of zoonoses and the fact that capitalism needs to increase consumption, including animal consumption, that humanity will find equilibrium as part of nature, which means that the consumption of animal foods must be drastically reduced;

 notes that it is the working class and the inhabitants of less developed countries that suffer most from the pandemic, and demands that resolution of the crisis be paid for by the capitalist class, which has accumulated great wealth in recent years;

 demands, moreover, that workers be protected under safe working conditions, in order to prevent further spread of the coronavirus, and that refugees be evacuated from overcrowded temporary camps;

 calls upon the World Health Organisation, the governments of states, scientists and experts in the whole world to collaborate more actively in order to vanquish the pandemic as quickly as possible;

 supports feminism, as well as social and political movements that fight for the rights of women and girls, who suffer exploitation, poverty and discrimination throughout the world;

 calls for the defence of the separation of church and state throughout the world;

 calls for the defence of freedom of conscience against all dogmas throughout the world;

 condemns the fascist and incompetent regime of Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, and supports that country’s democratic movement in its protracted struggle;

 supports the human rights movement in Hongkong and opposes China’s new national security law, which is used to silence critics;

 appeals in anticipation of the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus to the country’s authorities that they respect the right of citizens to a democratic election, in which the opposition is not persecuted;

 proposes that SAT join the UEA peace campaign in conjunction with the UN anniversary;

 demands that no state station troops in other states or intervene in them;
has noted that six thousand refugees have been held up for several months on the Greek island of Samos, and calls upon those in positions of responsibility within Europe to quickly decide in favour of accepting them in their countries.


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