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What is SAT?

What is SAT?

Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda (the World Non-national Association) is a globally based organisation for progressive people.

SAT’s Aims

It’s aim is to help people from many different countries to understand each other, get informed and educated, improve their lives, and to communicate and cooperate with each other in the fight against oppression.

To enable such communication and cooperation, SAT uses the international language ESPERANTO.

SAT puts its members in direct contact with other progressive people from all around the world, it encourages the swapping of information, the comparison of ideas and enables the creation of a real functioning international solidarity.

SAT Activities

SAT holds its congress in a different part of
the world each year.

It publishes the monthly magazine Sennaciulo and the annual literary magazine Sennacieca Revuo.

SAT also publishes books, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, dictionaries.


SAT’s democratic and accountable structure, rather than being based on different member sections representing people within their specific national boundaries, is instead based on its individual members and their participation in the organisation - irrespective of which country they happen to live in. In this way it is a truly non-national organisation and structure.

Linked Local Associations

There exist a number of LEAs (Worker Esperanto Associations) linked to SAT. SATEB is the English speaking LEA which seeks to publicise Esperanto and recruit progressive Esperanto speakers to SAT.

SAT’s Many Tendencies

SAT is not party political, but reflects many diverse progressive tendencies. These tendencies are represented within SAT by a number of groupings or "fractions."

SAT is an independent organisation but it collaborates with other progressive organisations that use Esperanto, and works with other Esperanto organisations.

Because of its worldwide nature, the only language used in SAT is Esperanto. So in order to join, you’ll need to be relatively proficient in the language.


Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda (SAT)

67 av. Gambetta
FR - 75020 Paris

Retadreso : kontakto_ĉe_satesperanto.org
Pri financaĵoj : financoj_ĉe_satesperanto.org
Retejo : http://satesperanto.org/
Tel : (+33) 09 53 50 99 58

Poŝtkonto n-ro 1234-22 K, La Banque Postale, Paris
IBAN : FR41 2004 1000 0101 2342 2K02 064
Konto de SAT ĉe UEA : satx-s
Konto de SAT ĉe PayPal : financoj_ĉe_satesperanto.org

Por renkontiĝi kun SAT-anoj en Parizo, informiĝu ĉe la sidejo de SAT-Amikaro

Se vi havas demandojn pri SAT, skribu al la SAT-oficejo en Parizo
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Pri teknikaj problemoj sur la paĝo, skribu al paĝo-aranĝulo.

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